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Admission Counseling for Colleges in South India
 Medical Counselling Schedule (MBBS / BDS) 2011 - 2012
Date/ Day Time Nature of counseling Category/
Community Rank Total Mark
From To From To
28.7.2011 (Thursday) 09.00 a.m. Re-allotment Govt MBBS OC (upto GR 513) (all communities) Candidates already selected for MBBS course for2011-2012 session in Govt Medical Colleges during the counselling and joined under 69% rule of reservation. (General category only)
11.00 a.m. BC/BCM/MBC/ SC/SCA/ST
02.00 p.m. Allotment Govt.MBBS Only BC/BCM/MBC/ SC/SCA/ST * Waitlisted candidates only
03.00 p.m Reallotment (if any) SF MBBS Candidates selected and joined in SF Medical Colleges who are willing for Re-allotment
29.07.2011 (Friday) 09.00 a.m. Allotment SF MBBS/ Govt BDS/ SF BDS OC GR 609 , GR 832 GR 1214 198.5 197.75
OC/BC GR 1215 GR 1691 197.75 197
2.00 p.m. OC/BC GR 1692 GR 1900 197 196.75
30.7.2011 (Saturday) 9.00 a.m. Allotment SF MBBS/ Govt BDS/ SF BDS OC/BC GR 1901 GR 2252 196.75 196.25
OC/BC/BCM GR 2253 GR 2336 196.25 196.25
OC/BC/BCM/ MBC GR 2337 GR 2375 196.25 196
02.00 p.m. OC/BC/BCM/ MBC GR 2376 GR 2527 196 195.75
1.8..2011 (Monday) 9.00a.m. Allotment SF MBBS/ Govt BDS/ SF BDS OC/BC/BCM/ MBC GR 2528 GR 2915 195.75 195.25
2.00 p.m. OC/BC/BCM/ MBC GR 2916 GR 3075 195.25 195
2.8.2011 (Tuesday) 9.00 a.m. Allotment SF MBBS/ Govt BDS/ SF BDS OC/BC/BCM/ MBC GR 3076 GR 3470 195 194.25
2.00 p.m. OC/BC/BCM/ MBC GR 3471 GR 3632 194.25 194
3.8.2011 (Wednesday) 9.00 a.m. Allotment SF MBBS/ Govt BDS/ SF BDS OC/BC/BCM/ MBC GR 3633 GR 4000 194 193.5
2.00 p.m. BCM CR 138 CR 190 193.5 191.75
MBC CR 811 CR 900 193.5 193
4.8.2011 (Thursday) 9.00a.m. Allotment SF MBBS/ Govt BDS/ SF BDS SC CR 277 CR 650 191.75 185.25
2.00 p.m. SCA CR 58 CR 160 187.25 177.25
ST CR 25 CR 55 183.75 169.25
  • Candidates are requested to be present 1 hour in advance for Counselling.

  • Candidates are informed to produce original certificates required as specified in the prospectus.

  • No individual intimation will be sent for re-allotment for Govt/SF Medical Colleges.

  • Candidates selected under special category (Children of Ex-servicemen, eminent sports person, physically challenged) and allotted under 50% beneficiery are not eligible for re-allotment at any stage of counselling

  • Call letter will be sent only for allotment in Govt MBBS(waitlisted for Govt.MBBS only in the I phase of counselling)and for Self Financing MBBS/Govt.BDS/Self Financing BDS in Self Financing Medical/ Dental Colleges.

  • Those candidates who were absent /not joined are not allowed for re-allotment/ allotment in Government/Self Financing Medical Colleges.

  • Those candidates who have opted for Self Financing Medical Colleges when Seats in Govt Medical college were available are not allowed for allotment to Government Medical colleges and vice versa.

  • Even if the candidates do not receive the call letter they can attend the counselling as per their marks/rank in the counselling schedule.

  • Allotment/re-allotment is subject to the availability of seats since more number of candidates have been called for counselling than the actual number of vacancies.

  • Candidates selected for Government colleges have to remit DD for Rs.12,290 for MBBS, Rs.10290 for BDS (Rs.10290/- for MBBS, Rs.9290 for BDS for SC,SCA,ST candidates) drawn in favour of the ‘Secretary, Selection Committee, Chennai-10’. If the candidates do not join the course, the amount paid will not be refunded.

  • If the candidates selected for Self Financing Institutions, they have to remit a sum of Rs. 25,000/- by DD drawn in favour of ‘Secretary, Selection Committee, Kilpauk, Chennai-10 at the time of counselling. If the candidate does not join the course and surrenders his/her allotment before the specified date in the allotment order,50% of fee paid (i.e.Rs.12,500) will be refunded.

  • The details regarding the daily vacancy/allotment position shall be viewed at the website www.tnhealth.org/www.tn.gov.in

GR – General Rank, CR – Community Rank
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